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So often our hearts ache. They ache for love, for the children, for the planet, for belonging, for beauty, for a sense of purpose. Our hearts long for so much and have so much to share.

Yet our brains have been programmed to focus on things that are often in direct opposition to what we truly desire. They’ve been programmed to focus on money, success, achievement, and winning with failure, shame, guilt, doubt, and fear driving from the shadows.

When we chase abundance and drain ourselves in the process of trying to get and gain, getting ahead actually ends up creating the feeling like we're always behind.

What if abundance is actually a dance? A play with what the brain thinks, what the heart longs for, and what the Soul knows. Abundance isn’t just related to money. An abundance of anything can exist … love, money, failure, fear, joy, peace, compassion, provisions, fulfillment.

When we allow what the heart longs for to lead the way, the door opens for Divine love which is a love beyond circumstance. A Soul guided love that is wise, integrated, and free to choose and fly in abundance.

Wild blessings,