Energize Your Intuitive Nature

Spiritual Vitality Course

Allow your life force to flow and grow in embodied harmony.

This ongoing course guides you to embody more of your infinite life force as a vital element in living your Soul calling.

Your vital life force energy flow is foundational in bringing your dreams to life.

Whether you’re bringing through a book, a business, a baby, more love, more abundance, or something else inspired, your vital foundation is a key that unlocks your creativity, expression, and expansion. And it does it in a sustainable way with deeply alive roots that allow you to flourish in mind blowing ways.

You may have tried other wellness or activation programs that haven’t worked.

Did they leave embodying the spiritual/energetic aspect out of the equation? You don’t need to pretzel your vast Soul into a programmed recipe box that falls apart the second you start to grow. In this Spiritual Vitality Course, the focus is on activating and allowing your infinite energy, wisdom, and freedom to continuously grow living your best, most fulfilling life.

The Spiritual Vitality Course is for you to:

Unleash and channel your life force for the highest good
Energetically fortify your foundation and immune system
Intentionally fuel your actions with your true nature
Give and receive blessings with the Divine and the Earth






Structure to Activate Your Vitality Flow

Weekly live online classes feature guided meditation for you to:

Connect with Your Soul

Attune deeper inward energizing and harmonizing your energy field.

Activate Your Intention

Powerfully choose life from your clear, rooted, and aligned spiritual center.

Integration & Creation

Align and clarify your channel to embody and energize your next step.

Wisdom & Reflection

Optional wisdom & reflection share about your experience with the group.

Each week is focused on a specific topic that falls within one of the spiritual vitality themes

Spiritual Vitality Themes

The Spiritual Vitality Course invites you to harmonize for greater wellness of body, mind, and spirit from your inside out. Each week, a new teaching is channeled specifically for the group participating and is centered in one of these themes (or another might be added!):

Awaken your dreamspace for deep and rejuvenating rest. Explore the astral plane, updating patterns that affect your wellness. Embody “In Spirit, It is Already So.” in your waking life for greater trust and flow of your well-being through all of your creations.


Dance, play, deepen, and expand into limitless possibilities through movement. Update your relationship with your physical body unwinding energetic patterns that no longer serve into greater freedom and joy.


Feed the true cravings of your body and your soul as you grow spiritually. Update programming around what you consume. Connect with the true essence of relational, co-creative plant medicine available on Earth.


Meditate through doing by bringing your present flowing life force wherever you are. Harmonize your body-spirit relationship as you transform, let go of what’s not serving, rise more fully into your Soul essence, and find true love for yourself in your heart at radiant, enthusiastic gold.

Spiritual Vitality Course Teacher: Jennah Synnestvedt

I’m so excited you’ve found your way here! I whole heartedly celebrate your intuitive nature, and invite you to stand in your power and spread your wings. I believe that when you live your heart’s yes, it will lead to wonderful, growth filled experiences for you.

As a teacher, I share an alchemy of Divine guidance and Soul wisdom woven from growing up in the mountains of Colorado, freelancing as a graphic artist, being an entrepreneur, training at multiple psychic institutes, doing deep inner work with mentors, as well as living lifetimes on Earth and beyond.

I continue to be a spiritual seeker as I grow right alongside all those I teach. Truly, we’re in this together, and I would love for you to be on this journey with me.

Also Included in this Course

A one pound bag of Legacy Cacao + a personalized 1:1 Vitality Session guided by Jennah for you to deepen into and amplify your heart’s why for participating in this course.

You’ll also receive recordings of the session, each class, and the Your Intuitive Nature Foundations Course so that you may listen as many times as you’d like as you rewire your brain to higher frequencies.

The Bigger Why: Is this Course for you?

The Time is Now.

When we root and fly at the same time, we radiate as living invitations to elevating our vibrations all around the globe. The network ripple affect is why this class is ONLINE & LIVE.

The magic amplifies when we come together, so ask yourself:

Do you feel the calling to bring your full expression to the world?
People in this course are living to be down to Earth and free.

Wild women and men who are choosing peace, joy, and love on Earth. Sensitive, soulful, and creative people here living life to it’s fullest freely growing and divinely creating on Earth, each in their unique expression. Multi-generational leaders in everyday lives as healers, entrepreneurs, artists, mothers, grandmothers, partners and more.

All who are called to this course are welcome.

No matter how many lifetimes and years of experience we have, each participant is invited to “come as a child” with curiosity, amusement and enthusiasm to live moment-to-moment.

What People Are Saying

I love the classes as they really leave me feeling super aligned and happy. I’m so happy that I’ve added them into my week. It makes for better life! THANK YOU!!!

H.A. in Colorado
There is something very sacred about connecting with spirit and myself side by side with others who are on a similar spiritual path. My perspective on myself, others, and the world is always positively shifted in class, and I leave with more capacity to live the life I want. Class keeps me accountable with my meditation practice, and it’s something I look forward to all week.

Lisa in Montana

Let’s Energize

Start any week that works for you.


Plus an optional wisdom & reflection share 30 minutes afterwards.

What’s Included

13 Weekly Live Group Classes Every Three Months
Class Recordings plus a Bonus Workshop Recording
Your Intuitive Nature Foundations Self Study Course
1 lb of Legacy Cacao & a 30 min 1:1 Vitality Session

$450 investment every three months

That’s less than $35 per class PLUS over $1,000 in other goodies!
As well as recordings for listening to as often as you’d like.

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