Open House

Intuitive Gathering

Experience Giving & Receiving in Community Aspen Oracle Style

Join Us for an Intuitive Gathering where you’ll:

Receive a Mini Intuitive Reading

Bring a personal inquiry to the group that has gathered. Aspen Oracle Teachers will share communication (and healing if desired) related to your inquiry. Other participants have the option to contribute as well.

Learn About and Play with Your Intuitive Gifts

Others in the group will also receive a mini Intuitive Reading during the same gathering that you do. If you’d like, you’re welcome to get curious, play with your intuitive gifts, and share your wisdom.

Guided Meditation for Attunement with Self and Others

The gathering includes guided meditation to facilitate personal exploration, growth and transformation. Read more about giving and receiving Intuitive Readings in community Aspen Oracle style here.

We offer these once per month at a special rate of $15.
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“We’re all just walking each other home.”