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What remains the same: a sneak peak of what’s growing!

What remains the same is constant evolution. Our bodies are Earth bound and our spirits are free with limitless access to the Cosmos. As the leaves have fallen, the Aspen Oracle Grove remains willing to grow divinely through the shifting seasons.

Human-Powered and Spiritually-Centered Resources

What’s been growing behind the scenes? The Aspen Oracle Grove Directory of spiritually centered resources for people seeking freedom, true purpose and well-being on Earth.

Resources include spiritual centers and teachers, psychics, healers, creatives, products and events. In their unique way, each member of the network is dedicated to spiritual freedom, truth, wisdom within and well-being on Earth. All services and products are available worldwide and some are offered local to the providers as well.

Stay tuned over the coming weeks as we’ll be letting you know which resources are available for you!

We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

What is evolving in your self and life right now?

Have you been “growing” something behind the scenes?

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  • Jennah Synnestvedt says:

    In addition to cultivating the Grove, I have been working on what my listing in the Directory will be, becoming a graduate from a special program at the Berkeley Psychic Institute, taking a next step as a Reverend healer and lots of things in my personal life too!

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