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The brain is so good at planning! Mapping it all out. Figuring each detail is solid. Staking claim on ego's domain.

However, people are not statues. The Earth is spinning so fast gravity magnetizes polarities into neutrality which makes possible moving any which way. Forward, backward, sideways, even up or down when certain energies are at play.

Infinity exists in the space between the lines, and anything can burst forth where the inhale meets the exhale.

The best laid plans change (especially as you change). No wonder humans fear change. These days we’re so used to comfort, nervous systems might take a hot minute to rewire. Allow yourself to align and you’ll see sparks fly as emotions flow igniting a new creative threshold.

Just like you, creation is dynamic and responds to each choice you make. Trap something in time, and it will decline. Free something into eternity, and it will shine. Embrace how Source lights your way resting into the Earth for stability through change. Gravity. Has. Always. Got. Ya.

Wild blessings,