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Caring can be filled with so many energies. On one side of the dichotomy the heaviness of obligation and neediness weighs on the heart. On the other side, the lightness of tenderness, love, and reciprocity nourishes the Soul.

The contrast reminds us where we’re growing.

Caring how you treat people is one thing. It’s about the integrity of what you value such as goodness, freedom, self responsibility, and reciprocity.

Caring what people think of you is another. Living in an inflated egoic false self image and people pleasing can lead to abandonment of self.

When I was living in NYC, a friend who was visiting commented on how “people here don’t seem to care what others think of them”. I said “Yes and no. Within their social circles, they do care. In mixed public settings such as the subway, a live and let live vibe definitely exists.”

It’s interesting how NYC is simultaneously one of the most creative and ego driven places. People are very independent to some degree yet often burn out running the rat race–which is also happening many places all over the world more and more. Why?

Why care about caring? Because caring how you feel about and treat yourself is crucial to your well-being.

In life some of us learned that caring for others before ourselves is a baseline for survival, and too much sacrifice has led to an imbalance in relationships.

The brain and nervous system can be rewired for a healthier balance of caring leading to more fulfilling and reciprocal relationships that are elevating for all beings involved.

It is possible to fill your own well first. From the baseline of being present and filled with love, the space to truly care for others in an empowering way for all involved opens.

Wild blessings,