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Winter Solstice Retreat

Reflect. Let Go. Celebrate. Create.

Our 4th Annual Event

ONLINE Sunday, December 20, 2020
10:30am-2:30pm MT (with a lunch break)

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Whether you love or dread the winter season, the Winter Solstice Gathering invites you to set the tone of your coming months by going deeper into what you truly desire, letting your miracle vibration nourish you and continuing to dream big!

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More about what you’ll experience if you come …

This is not a passive webinar! It is aLIVE and INteractive.

Guided Meditation to Ground and Set Intentions

We start with a grounding and expansive meditation that brings you as Spirit deeper into your Body in present time. The Winter Solstice is an especially poignant time to ground because the Earth and Cosmic energies are ripe to deepen into our spiritual nature and align our intentions.

Meet Each Other and Voice Your Intention

The magic amplifies when we come together! A place to “just be” with others is sometimes the missing link to receiving our intentions in joy. Voicing, being witnessed and celebrated in a group gives us the opportunity to match and encourage each other to keep growing.

Reflect, Celebrate and Release Autumn

Through journaling, guided meditation and sharing, you’ll bring yourself into present time so that you have a clear space to tune-in and set intentions for yourself in the coming season. You’ll also receive (or trade if you know how) a 5-minute Aura Clearing, facilitating your ability to move through.

Tune Into Your Current Needs and Desires

Receive (or trade if you know how) a mini-intuitive reading on your connection to your inner voice and your heart’s guidance. Be guided through some coloring, journaling and mediation to attune your vitality, creativity and divinity energies for the best and highest good.

Set, Clear and Cheer Your Intentions for Winter

From a vibration of limitless possibilities, paint your pathway through the winter season just how you’d like it. Then clear blind spots by receiving a trance medium healing from a Divine Healing Center healer and by giving everyone a big “hooray” for what we are each creating.

What People are Saying

I loved the positive energy in the group and hearing everyone’s goals.
So helpful to have new perspectives reflected from others.
I go to a lot of online events, but this one is special.

Winter Solstice Retreat 2020 Facilitators

Jennah Synnestvedt, Aspen Oracle Founder

In the Aspen Oracle space, Jennah guides soulful people to heal and be themselves in all areas of their life. Dedicated to well-being on Earth and spiritual freedom, Jennah experiences the power of joy, making progress, the magic within and that–for a reason–we’re in it together. In all that she does, Jennah practices taking life a little less seriously . . . being perfect at being imperfect.

With over 17 years of branding experience including a B.F.A in Communications Design from Pratt Institute in NYC, Jennah is also creative director who “midwifes” inspired visions into reality. A graduate of Berkley Psychic Institute and Psychic Horizons in Boulder, Jennah is a Reverend and spiritual teacher, psychic and healer who has over 12 years (and lifetimes!) of experience.

Mary-Laurence Bevington, Rev., MFA, LIM

Mary-Laurence Bevington, Rev., MFA, LIM, comes from a dharma art, wilderness guiding, contemplative movement, experiential anatomy, animal communication and clairvoyant background. She believes that an artist is an inspired human being and that there is more in us than we know. Mary is especially happy to help people see, feel and hear themselves most truthfully, as this makes for better relationships, easier manifesting and a more diverse world. She lives in Colorado and is writing a handbook and memoir called Three.

Divine Healing Center

Divine Healing Center was founded by VRR Dr. Susan Hull Bostwick in 2006 as a spiritual healing center extension of the Berkeley Psychic Institute, following the same principles of spiritual freedom, psychic kindergarten, and with the idea: “heal the spirit and the spirit heals the body”. The vision of Divine Healing Center is to offer a variety of spiritual healings to all people interested in receiving change in their lives. Our gifted professional healers have from 5-35 years professional healing experience and are devoted to their own spiritual paths and ability to heal themselves.

Looking forward to seeing you! Save your virtual seat now:

ONLINE Sunday, December 20, 2020
10:30am-2:30pm MT (with a lunch break)

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