Your Intuitive Nature

8 Week Course with Jennah Synnestvedt
Grow and transform your intuitive nature through the exploration of your vitality, creativity and divinity.
Vitality is your relationship with Self; your body and spirit communication.
Creativity is your relationship with Others including Mother Earth; what you’re manifesting.
Divinity is your relationship with God and the Universe; your unique place and purpose in the whole.

Working all three areas is what you’re doing as a Soul anyway. In this course you’re simply becoming more aware of what already is. And you’re doing it with the support of others who are doing the same which creates a space of flow rather than always swimming upstream.

Course Overview

Intention Setting

Week 1: Live Gathering, PlaySheet & Recorded Meditation

Connect with the God/Goddess of your heart, shift energy blocking communication with yourself and set intentions for yourself.


Weeks 2 & 3: Live Gathering, PlaySheet & Recorded Meditation

Learn energy awareness and clearing tools and techniques to awaken your spiritual centers and intuitive abilities as you allow your life force to flow and grow.


Week 4 & 5: Live Gathering, PlaySheet & Recorded Meditation

Learn how to read energy using your clairvoyance and deepen your ability to be present with what you’re creating and grow into your heartfelt dreams.


Weeks 6 & 7: Live Gathering, PlaySheet & Recorded Meditation

Learn energy tools and techniques to strengthen your intuitive gifts as you explore the unique expression of your purpose.

Your Soul Path

Week 8: Live Gathering, PlaySheet & Recorded Meditation

Have a look at your Soul Path – past, present and future – choosing to bring light and love to it all as well as ground your next steps.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

Lao Tzu